Archives of the American Hungarian Foundation

The Foundation maintains extensive and diverse archives of rare books, manuscripts and other documents of historical significance.

Photos, sound tracks and video cassettes preserve the events of Hungarian cultural and political life in the United States. The Foundation’s Archives document the activities of Hungarian immigrants to America and the social, religious, and cultural institutions they founded.

These archival collections are protected from the wear and tear of constant handling and weather conditions. At the present time, the archival material is not cataloged online, but a finding aid is available to help locate the material.

If you are interested in accessing the archives for research purposes, please contact us.

With your help, we’re digitizing our archive!!

The digitization of the American Hungarian Foundation’s Archive is the new long-range project we are undertaking. We are still in the preliminary stages. Organizing and reaching out to other organizations that archives are housed within the American Hungarian Foundation. This project directly addresses our mission to COLLECT, CONSERVE and CELEBRATE. The creation of digital replacements ensures broad use of materials that certainly enhance our knowledge of the American Hungarian history and culture. The project promotes the use of the Hungarica (Hungarian American) documentary heritage and guarantees the long-term preservation of American Hungarian historical record collections so that they may be used by generations to come. The valuable historical evidence will be preserved in digital format, and the original materials also will be benefit from the reduction in physical handling.

We are asking our greater American Hungarian community to contribute to this special project.

Please contact Librarian/Archivist
Sarah Mozgai

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